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She’s the one who lets you suck and nurse on her milk-filled tits, changes your diapers, nurses you when you are sick, comforts you when you cry and is also the first woman you love.

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If you’d like to play the role of my stepson so I can act out the fantasies I have, or have done, call me. If you’re in the mood for a kinky taboo phone sex operator who understands your deepest, darkest and most forbidden desires about your mother, give me a call. I specialize in incest and mommy phone sex for a reason.

I love making all your incest fantasies come to life over the phone.

Some guys openly admit that they want to fuck their own mommy and I think that is so hot!

I just did a hot call with a guy who fantasizes about his mom walking in on him while he was jerking off and she wanted to help him blow his load.

Engaging in a mommy phone sex session is a great way to talk about these feelings and fantasies.

Especially when you call me because I have no limitations on the taboo subjects can explore together.

At least most of the taboo phone sex callers that call me do.

After all, she is the one who takes care of you and nurtures you from the time you were born!

Hi guys I’m Lauren and I really love doing mommy phone sex calls with all my naughty clients.

I think that because a mother is the first female sexual being in a boy’s life that he has sexual fantasies about his mother along the years.

I am always ready to play out any fantasy as long as it is unusual and exciting.

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