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At least most of the taboo phone sex callers that call me do.

After all, she is the one who takes care of you and nurtures you from the time you were born!

Taboo sex chat site

She’s the one who lets you suck and nurse on her milk-filled tits, changes your diapers, nurses you when you are sick, comforts you when you cry and is also the first woman you love.

So I think it is perfectly normal to have these feelings and fantasies about her.

I’m imaginative, educated, open-minded and completely nonjudgmental regardless of what your fetish, kink or fantasy may be.

I pride myself on giving the most intense and comprehensive sexual phone sex experience you could want and will bring you back looking for more.

Do you want to crawl out of your corner and beg to get your wife ready for his big cock?

I will even let you clean up his creampie from between my legs after he cums inside of me.

The more you push the limits and the more taboo the more I want to play.

One of my favorites is seducing my hard and hot son.

I am Naughty Nicky an experienced MILF who takes no taboo and no limits Phone Sex role play to the extreme.

I am a BDSM, kinky, perverted, fun kind of woman and I am seeking a like-minded man to play with.

I will be right there with you enjoying wherever your fantasy takes us. So, if you want to play hard, give me a call but first here are a few of my favorite things!


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