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Contains changing displays in the exhibition room, which shows off the talents of local artists, photographers and crafts people.See also Edale Castleton main attractions information at a glance Peveril Castle Market Place, Castleton, Hope Valley, S33 8WQ Carol Clemett: English Heritage Tel/Fax: 01433 620613 Website: The impressive remains of one of England's first Norman Castles with spectacular views across the Peak District. Peak Cavern Peak cavern Walk, Castleton, Hope Valley, S33 8WS Tel: 01433 620285 Website: spectacular cavern containing historic ropeworks inside Britain's largest cave entrance.

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On a hill, overlooking Castleton, is the ancient Peveril Castle.

Castleton has 4 underground show caves, all worth a visit, for their own interesting features.

It was first mined at Treak Cliff and by 1770, 16 mines were extracting the stone and selling it to several firms in Derbyshire who turned it into ornaments, vases, clocks and jewellry.

Blue John is only found in this area of Britain, andsmall pieces of the mineral are still plentiful, large pieces are now rare.

The Celts were the first peple to settle in the Castleton area.

On Mamtor, also known as the shivering mountain, are the remains of a Celtic hill fort on summit, an enclosure of 16 acres at an altitude of 1700ft.Come and discover why it is called "The Devil's Arse! Speedwell Cavern Winnats Pass, Castleton, Hope Valley, S33 8WA Tel: 01433 620512 Fax: 01433 621888 Website: After descending 105 steps the visitor takes an underground boat ride through this fantastic 18th century lead mine visiting the world-renowned bottomless pit.Treak Cliff Cavern Buxton Road, Castleton , Hope Valley, S33 8WP Tel: 01433 620571 Fax: 01433 620519 Website: underground wonderland of stalactites and stalagmites, minerals and fossils. Special events, polish your own Blue John and Carols by Candlelight.The centre houses a fascinating museum as well as a full range of tourist information services.Castleton information centre services include accommodation bookings, local theatre bookings, brochures, up to date information on events, attractions and the Peak District National Park.It is a time of considerable pageantry with people dressing in Stuart fashions and choosing a King and a Queen for the day.


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