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She told me no, but that they could watch her with the dogs.

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they were in Spanish for safety when she wasn’t getting it on with the dogs. The dog quickly mounted her, and after a few thrusts, his cock was buried in her. She also said she wanted to fuck all of the dogs the next day. Susan entered the room and immediately took of her robe. She had shaved her pussy smooth and she was literaly dripping cunt juice. She was moaning as the dogs tongue went into her cunt deep.

Each dog would respond to different commands to perform Susan went out and brought in one dog. PART 3I spent Saturday morning setting up what we would call the doggie play room. This Animal sex story was exclusively written for walked over and laid down on the padded bench. She gave the command to another dog to get over her head so she could suck him off.

She told me she wanted to get it on with one of the dogs that night. They stayed tied for almost a half an hour while susan orgasmed almost constantly. I caught all of the dog cum in a glass that flowed from her cunt. She sat up and reached for the glass and drank the dog cum and smacked her lips. You could smell her wet pussy and I’m sure the dogs did too. I asked susan if she wanted me in the room with her.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for night I gave Susan the cards the woman gave me with the commands for the dogs on them. she said the fuck was great and the dog cum was delicious. She said no, she could handle as much dog cock as they wanted to give her.

I put the dogs in the kennels and went to the house.

Susan was so excited at the idea she would have her choice of dog whenever she wanted. She cried out he was cumming in her and it felt fantastic.

She didn’t move because the next dog was on her in a flash. The dog stopped once and shuffled a bit closer and thrust several times before being successful in driving his knot home. I wrestled about telling her about the filming of her with the dogs. When I did, she got excited and wanted to watch it.

She was still giving the commands to each dog to fuck her. He was bigger than the last dog, so his knot didn’t go in on the first try. This time, there were tears in her eyes because he was so big. He was more gentle than the other dogs that already fucked her. The Dane was able to pull out right away and Susan quickly turned and took his still cumming dick into her mouth. Susan kept at it all afternoon and evening, where she finally had enough. She watched herself with all of the dogs and got wetter than ever.

She assured me they are very well trained and they are all well hung.


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