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The files are set to loop automatically and are ideal to play via this site’s links, through an estim box, such as an ET-312b power unit, E-stim Systems 2b or the BTStim 4 channel.Please note, these files are linked to our users’ websites and streaming services, and are not hosted on Use a triphase setting even though the setup isn’t strcitly triphase.

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This track also works well with tri-phase – add a common as a cock ring, or if you are adventurous, on your balls.

Torrents of bliss will envelop your entire shaft, developing from deep within your prostate and rocketing to the tip of your glans.

After that it can be stopped, started and file position moved – this is down to Apple’s proprietary OS, not us.

Waves and pulses and strokes of sixty hands gripping your cock from root to tip and exploring your prostate, balls, and glans with sweeping caresses, squeezes and milking grips. We recommend a small anal trode near the prostate, and a trode on the glans.

This track is ideal for your bound sub in a BDSM scenario. We recommend a large anal trode near the prostate for B, and a urethral trode for A.

It’s a long session, interspersing waves of pleasure with bursts of raw jolts to kill an erection. This track works is excellent both as a stero and a tri-phase setup – use a cock ring or a pad underneath your balls as the common trode with Tri Phase.Here is a selection of estim sound files, both wav and mp3, processed to high quality stereo files and normalised to safe sound levels, which our users have contributed.Thanks to our guest poster, Dr Orgasm for putting these all together and testing.This file is over two hours long and will test your endurance.Top tip – don’t turn it off after you have orgasmed the first time, after 5-10 minutes you may experience the holy grail of multiple dry orgasms.This track will take you to outer space and beyond with a wide variation of pleasurable and slightly stinging sensations.

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