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Note: While the first documentation of a Chinese Abacus has been dated around the 14th century, some form of the abacus or counting rods have appeared in history as early as 2700 BC in ancient Sumaria.

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Each bead above the crosspiece is worth five units, and each below is worth one.

The rungs or rods from right to left indicate place value in powers of ten — ones, tens, hundred, and so on.

Today locks are used in places like Niagara Falls and the Panama Canal.

Clock: One of the greatest inventions of the medieval world was the mechanical clock.

Long recognized in the West for its natural and man-made monuments, for its silks and its satins and for its delectable cuisine, China is also credited with inventions and discoveries which continue to influence our world today as they did at their inception.

For the better part of fifteen hundred years, the Chinese civilization has given birth to inventions and developments in navigation, spiritual balance, mathematics and natural prevention and diagnosis; since it was this culture that was responsible for the invention and the discovery of such things as porcelain, paper, fishing reels, church bells, rudders, solar wind, the circulation of blood in the human body, the suspension bridge, the technique for drilling for natural gas, the iron plough, the seed drill, the mechanical clock, the seismograph, planting and hoeing techniques and the compass.As a result of improvements in brewing skills, the yellow wine made its appearance probably in the Warring States Period (475-221 B. From an ancient tomb of the Warring States in Pingshan County of Hebei Province, large numbers of wine-storing and drinking vessels were excavated in the 1970s.Two of them contain an alcoholic drink made from wheat 2,280 years ago.If you’ve read a book or newspaper, flown a kite, regained your sense of direction by using a compass, enjoyed a fireworks display, worn a soft silk shirt or eaten spaghetti, you’ve encountered a just a few amazing Chinese inventions.The instrument consisted of a rectangular wooden frame with parallel rods. The rods are separated into upper and lower parts by a crossbar.Many alcoholic beverages have been used in China since the prehistoric times.


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