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In the summer of 2011, I had, on one XP SP3 machine a solid OO3.0.0 installation.

I went to update that, and the usual "Help | Check For Updates" returned- several times- "Checking for Update Failed". I just went to and fetched the then current (3.3.0) version from there, double-clicked on the 151 MB I'd downloaded, and clicked "Next, next, next..." I had to shut some other programs I wanted to work with during the install, but other than that, it went reasonably.

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You may find that the database being shipped with Open Office (ver.2 and higher) delights you as much as it has me. Forget anything you may have heard about Adabas, which came with Star Office, the commercial version of Open Office 1. With most browsers, pressing plus, minus or zero while the control key (ctrl) is held down will change the texts size. I did the 2.x to 3.0 upgrade 28 November 2008, and the 3.0 to 3.1 sometime before 7/09. The latest was on 12 Oct 10, on a Windows XP system, from 3.1.0 to 3.2.0, UK English. A few details from the October 2010 upgrade: My "Start Menu" retained the old "Open Office 3.1" folder, but it was empty.

The current Open Office's database, "Base", aka "oo Base", is unrelated. Big organizations, government and civilian, are adopting it as their standard office suite... (Enlarge, reduce, restore to default, respectively.) (This is more fully explained, and there's another tip, at my Power Browsing page.) Page contents © TK Boyd, Sheepdog Software ®, 11/08-11/10. A new folder, "Open Office 3.2" was created with the shortcuts I would need. After I had the new version up and running, I went to "Tools"/ "Extension Manager" and did "Check for Updates".

I've opened, say, old Writer documents with newer versions of Open Office many times.

And I've opened databases with oo Base 3.2 even when they were created a while back, probably with oo Base 3.0) Second Gotcha: a little less obvious: Rmember that you can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs... Before 3.0, you couldn't store macros inside your file, except, briefly, within a form...

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When the download had finished, I closed everything.

Used Windows (not Internet) Explorer (Windows Key-E) to access my downloads folder, dbl-clicked on the file I'd downloaded.

While I was confident that the upgrade would go well because of earlier experiences with Open Office, any time you make changes to a computer, you can come out of the attempt with a dead machine. ) (In October, 2010, when I went for an upgrade, I was offered a "GB" (British) version... (And that came with a US dictionary as well as the British dictionary.

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