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I'm going on day 2 right now and have no idea how much longer I have to be locked up.

would love to chat with some you freaky women out there.

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Once a very, very popular guy, I am not a sort of pariah because I am over 60. A lot of people are prudish about it and I just think the world should speak freely about the things that make them go 'mmmmm.' Know what I mean? "Talking to a Freaky Friend" and "Talking Freaky to a Friend".

I have more than enough people in My life with whom I can talk freaky.

It would be nice to have a girl/guy friend who wanted to talk about things they've done or want to do. PS when i say taboo I mean some are very very taboo. i have had alot of sex (not with different partners but with girlfreinds etc...i have done my experimenting and have more insight than alot of people give me credit for. Sex was always good and plentiful, especially the first year, but i guess that routine sort of made it uneventful in the long run.

Three years ago, my husband and I were in a sexual state that I would describe as rutine... I mean really, I understand that most (if not all women) are not into much of the same thing as men, but I really find C*ber Chating and texting to be erotic, as well as watching a woman mast*rbate on web cam. Lets be honest having someone you can talk openly about everything sexual would be great.

I would love to find someone who would not judge my desires and likes but would actually like to join in the discussion on how to make it happen or to give their take, on what they found...

guys if u r looking for some real fun..i'm a bisexual male..i can please men and women both..i even do crossdressing sometimes,,especially i love wearing saree and i wish there could be a men to take it off,, grab me from behind and kiss all over my body PS: i don't have male...

we came across a device called a cb 6000, and I ordered it.

so she makes me put this device on every weekend that she works, I have to put it on friday night, and she locks it and keeps the key. I'm self employed, well educated, strong personality athletic and good looking, I'm on my 30's and all my friends talk very high about me, but for some reason I'm totally obsessed with the guy I'm dating because he is the only man who has never said "you are beautiful...

Is it just me or are their any females that want to push their sexual boundaries and try out some of those "curious George" sexual taboos that most of us have floating around In the dark recesses of our minds?

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