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'Yes, I have the skin of an African girl,' she said.'But I am not pretending to be a black girl.

I heard a rumor recently that supposedly Kris Jenner pretty much ordered her privileged daughter Kim Kardashian to make that now infamous sex tape with Ray J.

You can’t deny that they’ve benefited from not only the publicity but also the money.

I like this look.' She has no plans to curb her tanning addiction either - Martina says that she wants even more of the melanin increasing injections, and admits that she still uses a 50-tube sunbed installed at her home in Trier, Germany.'At first, my fans were irritated saying "why did you do this?! Friends of Martina have been surprised by her decision and she admits even the doctor that administered the injections - whom she will not name - did not recognise her.'In the seventh week after the injections, I went back to see my doctor. I love the extreme look.'The former air hostess began modifying her body in 2012 after her boyfriend, Michael, encouraged her to start modelling.

" but that is because they have never seen a white girl change her skin to African dark before.'But now, they have got used to it, they are excited like me. I said "hello", and he looked at me like "huh, who is this in my waiting room? Initially, she had planned to have surgeries to enhance her bust and lips, but she soon found herself addicted to changing her body in increasingly extreme ways.'At first, I wanted to look like Pamela Anderson or Katie Price. These women are not curvy enough.'And so now, I am more inspired by Barbie or Jessica Rabbit, but I go my own way and am creating my own extreme look.'Martina plans to have a butt-lift later this year, and will continue with her tanning.

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