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For a man, it means he’s working to pay for his wife. If you chose “Absolutely freaking nothing,” then congratulations, you’re about halfway to earning a Bachelor’s in East Asian Studies.

For a woman, it means a life of indentured servitude. The reality is: people don’t have a lot of contact with each other.

Two posts from July contain memes depicting a Catholic priest that referred to pedophilic sexual abuse.

included in a Tandon Group Me group chat available in a Facebook group titled “NYU Class of 2021 (Official).” The closed Facebook group is run by unnamed, non-administrative members of the NYU community.

People in Japan, and Tokyo in particular, work a ridiculous amount, in a way that’s hard to comprehend if you live in, say, sunny California. Japanese places are a lot worse.” “Do you ever see your wife? That way, the man goes off to work, and when he comes home after midnight, his dinner is sitting on the table covered in Saran Wrap, and there’s hot water in the tub. Shopping, ironing, cleaning, paying the bills, everything’s taken care of for him. The woman gets to do all the fun, fulfilling things like taking care of baby, grocery shopping, cleaning, and cooking meals.

Take a former student of mine, Naoko, who worked as a programmer. “I just wore the same clothes, but on Sunday I’d go home for half a day, to shower. Sometimes I’ll ask my adult students how often they see their spouses, or ask the kids when they see their fathers.

For a Japanese male, it’s possible to get sex almost anywhere, at any time, for little more than the price of a decent lunch. [*Note to self: insert more nuanced term before posting this.] The society functions with robot-like efficiency because your boss tells you what do—or your parents, or your teacher—and you do it. If you work in a ramen shop, you don’t say, “Hey boss, how about if, instead of two pieces of pork in the noodles, we tried ? Which presents a koan-like riddle: If you don’t talk to people you don’t know, how do you get to know people? He was about my age and was tying his tie while I was still fumbling into my shoes. “Oh jeez, I can’t believe my alarm didn’t go off.” C. There are clear rules and precedents for those situations. “I think we’re in a recession.” So then after work, I went to my usual , which is basically like a cheap restaurant.

Anyone who’s been in Japan for even a short while has seen the rows of shops offering all the usual services. I’ve lived in my current apartment building for, let’s see, about a year and a half now. Anyway, in that time the number of neighbors I’ve met is . Okay, so here’s a little quiz for you, to see how well you know Japanese culture: I figured I’d break the ice with a non-threatening situational observation, so I said in Japanese: “Yeah, another busy morning, huh? But for two Japanese people to strike up a conversation while in line at the grocery store? It’s a tad dingy and run-down, but the food’s solid.The young Japanese people of today grew up watching their parents live this life, and it’s understandable if they’re not thrilled about this option.Marriage isn’t a great choice; it’s just the second-worst option.In a group chat for members of the class of 2021 enrolled in the Tandon School of Engineering, racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic and sexually explicit jokes and comments have been exchanged since at least April of this year, according to an investigation by Washington Square News.The messages included jokes about rape, self-harm and pedophilia, comments degrading Asian, black and female individuals, and approximately 60 instances in which racial slurs were used.She worked—wrap your head around this—twenty hours a day. The answer is roughly on par with how often I’ve seen the Easter Bunny.


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