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These three features have a lot of unflattering RL baggage attached, but in Second Life they are absolutely vital for a flattering figure.

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) but we often misjudge proportions, particularly in regards to our heads and hands.

There are tons of resources, but this article about adult proportions is a good start.

I can say without hesitation that I've never seen a female shape I liked that had these three categories zeroed out.

Neglecting to put a little meat on your av's bones leaves them looking more like an insect than a human (not that there's anything wrong with insect avatars, as long as it's what you're actually going for.) Keep reading for two more tips to shape up your shape!

Human body ideals vary depending on the style, so you should have an idea of your perfect shape in mind to find a scaling system that suits it.

If you want a super-muscular frame, for example, you'd be wise to check out standard comic book character proportions.

Although I have said '18 ', this site should actually not be used by any one of a decent background and with morals.

There is no option to select 'for no age' so I had to select the highest age, but please, if you have a sense of self-respect, find another hobby. One day, she came up to me and asked me to try Habbo.

Be Patient and Open to Change I made my own shape when I started Second Life five years ago, and though I still technically use that same shape, it's been a constant work in progress.

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