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Sex work and its related activities are criminalized or subject to punitive regulations in a majority of countries in the world.As a consequence, sex workers face heightened levels of stigma and discrimination in almost every aspect of their lives.

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In its 2012 Guidance Note on HIV and Sex Work, UNAIDS recognized that community engagement and empowerment requires involving sex workers in the design, research, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, of policies and programmes that affect their lives and acknowledging that without their active engagement and involvement efforts to provide universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support will not be optimally effective.

Building capacity in sex-worker networks and communities is part of a fundamental commitment to the protection, promotion and respect of the human rights of sex workers.

Sex workers are more likely to be at risk for ill-health, poverty, social isolation, sexual and other forms of violence and are often denied access to any form of effective remedy.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promise to “leave no one behind” can only be fulfilled if all stakeholders recognize the unique challenges facing sex workers, the impact this has on development goals and the need to move beyond morality-based approaches to regulating consensual sexual activity towards a legal framework that recognizes the rights of all persons to have control over their sexuality and their bodies.

Consensual sex work must not be conflated with trafficking or sexual exploitation which are human rights abuses.

UN Women recognized this in its 2013 Note on Sex Work, Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking stating “The conflation of consensual sex work and sex trafficking leads to inappropriate responses that fail to assist sex workers and victims of trafficking in realizing their rights.

Some laws not only criminalize sex work and the activities related to it but also deny sex workers fundamental civil entitlements.

Sex workers may be unable to own or inherit property; register the births of their children; access education, justice, health care or banking services; or purchase housing or utilities.

Action Canada is deeply concerned that UN Women’s methods of consultation to develop a policy on sex work will not allow for many sex workers to meaningfully participate in the process or to be at the center of the consultations.

An electronic consultation excludes sex workers who do not have access to the internet, who are not literate in the languages of the United Nations and who are unfamiliar with the documents referred to in the consultation questions.

It places people engaging in sex work at a higher risk of violence and reduces sex workers’ ability to organize with the aim to improve their health and safety or advance their rights.


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