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Thankfully, I got receipts for said equipment because today someone shows up to disconnect her service because she hasn’t returned equipment Suddenlink employees did not pick up.

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In 2011, the company began to offer HBO GO and MAX GO programming.

In 2012, the company was the first in the US to offer Ti Vo Stream.

Suddenlink often suggests sending a technician to my home to investigate, so far they never find a problem.

I believe that Suddenlink is fraudulently charging me for a service the choose not to provide.

She can’t afford that so they cancel the new number and tell us someone will be out on Wednesday to get the equipment.

Service man pulls in the driveway, walks into the back yard and leaves, then reports no one was home. She then gets a bill for the equipment, so I gather it all up and take it to the office this past Wednesday ( a week after the original scheduled pick up).This has been the WORSE customer service experience I have ever had. Saying I owes 564_ this is crazy in west Virginia mentally and physically draining me with more money to pay I need some resolution to my bill and an investigation on the recording of the customer representative who told me my bill was,paid Sudden link is the worst ever. Today I am paying for 50 Mbps and when I check the speed, it is typically 30 Mbps and sometimes as low as 5 Mbps.I need someone to get back with me immediately or I will take this to legal. When I call Suddenlink to report the issue the tech service is so poor and un-informed.These sites gives so much porn for free it's amazing.The resolution of the videos is not quite like at the premium sites, but it's pretty alright.I called and said I just received, it was impossible to get it there that day.

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