loveanddating - Updating firmware for dvd players samsung

I've owned my BD-P 1600 for two years now, purchased upon my return from Iraq.

updating firmware for dvd players samsung-58

I've helped a number of people get their units repaired if the firmware update causes an issue. Call up, explain that it bricked due to a firmware update.

There are posts here noting that the reset options I've posted work. If they aren't able to assist, ask for the transaction number for your call and post it here.

Maybe in a 1000 years an advanced race will find it and say how antiquated it was for its time!

I will say though, I own a samsung refrigerator and it Rocks!

True to form, it gave me no chance to explain what I liked or disliked about the entire situation, only whether I was 'satisfied' with the experience.

Actually I think it goes to prove just how inept their tech people are.

I just upgraded the Firmware on the above mentioned Blu Ray Player and now it won't play any DVD or Blu Ray Disc.

I just get the LOAD, MENU and it kind of sits there doing nothing, then an error on the tv saying it can't play the disc. So I go looking on the internet to find out what the problem is.

Only to find about a million other people that enjoyed the same problem...a dvd player and then the very company you purchased it from urges you repeatedly when you turn it on, to upgrade the player with their firmware. The unit will reinitialize the last loaded firmware, which should get functionality back to your player.

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