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Hokuto Shinken (北斗神拳, "Big Dipper Divine Fist") is an ancient martial art rooted in different fighting styles dating back 1,800 years ago from China.

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This style focuses on crushing blows and straight-forward assaults along with energy waves that destroy most anything they are directed at.

Raoh's most notable character trait both in and out of combat is his overwhelming need to always press further and never retreat, not even one step or else his pride and claim of being the greatest will be in question.

The following is a list of fictional characters from the manga and anime franchise Fist of the North Star by Tetsuo Hara and Buronson.

All characters are from the original manga unless otherwise noted.

The ultimate Hokuto Shin Ken technique is the Musō Tensei (無想転生, Nil-Thought Rebirth), which can only be performed by one who completely understands sadness.

"Hokuto Shin Ken" is named after the asterism Hokuto Shichi Sei, which is the Japanese name as the Big Dipper.Raoh of course refuses and kills his master in a duel as Ryuken's fading health stop's him from defending himself.Before dying Ryuken tells Raoh that because of his prideful ambitions he will never be able to achieve true mastery of their martial art, which infuriated him and long term plants seeds of doubts in the back of Raoh's mind.Toki and Kenshiro soon became friends, with Toki personally training Kenshiro in some techniques of Hokuto Shinken, sustaining a distinctive scar on his back from when he protected a young Kenshiro from a falling tree.He sustained severe Radiation sickness while protecting Kenshiro and Yulia, an illness which remained with him for the rest of his life.The Hikō can also be used to heal and even to revive the dead.


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