mexicans dating white women - Gay christian dating

I think I went on the second and third dates both because I was too nice to end it and didn’t know how, and because I wanted to learn some general stuff about being gay and the gay community from him.He is a gay Christian who went to SPU and had come out about two years earlier, so he had some valuable insights to share.

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On our third date, we just met at a restaurant for dinner.

To be honest, I knew after the first date that I wasn’t interested in this guy long term.

In secular college, anything goes, and people pretty much just do what I want.

When I became a Christian at 15, I got pretty deep into it pretty quickly.

If you’re a gay Christian who is thinking about coming out or has recently come out, here is what little advice or observations I have made during my first year of being out.

The only reason I’m sharing this is because I wish I had had something like this when I first came out.

If you’re a gay Christian, the first thing you should know about the gay community is that anything goes. At first this was a shock to me because I just wasn’t used to it.

In reality, the freedom within the gay community is no different than the freedom in secular straight culture.

My first few years in ministry were focused on middle school ministry, so I didn’t realize how much high school kids drank,smoked weed and had sex until this class of now college juniors was in high school about five or six years ago.

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