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This paper describes the physical principles of radiometric dating used to obtain the ages of rocks, including those containing fossils, and it concludes that these methods are very reliable.

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In my general talk on the evidence for evolution, I give a list of seven observations that, if repeated and confirmed, would disprove parts of the theory of evolution described above.

This shows that it is a scientific theory in the Popperian sense of being falsifiable.

It should also remind us of our good fortune to have come into being and our great responsibility to ensure the continuity of life. Educators have permission to reprint articles for classroom use; other users, please contact [email protected] reprint permission. our site, Michael Benton’s article on evolutionary transitions provides further evidence.

document was prepared by representatives of several professional societies, and it describes how the understanding of evolution has contributed to medicine, agriculture, and other sciences. Available in pdf format from: This multi-authored and distributed project summarizes the millions of different species that have evolved during the billions of years of life on Earth.

Evolutionary biology provides a scientific framework for understanding the changes that have occurred since the first life forms arose on Earth several billion years ago.

Biochemists, geologists, and physicists seek natural explanations for the origin of life on Earth.

It is impossible to review all the evidence for evolution in a short article such as this.

However, the following offers a sample of the kinds of evidence that have been discovered and confirmed repeatedly by scientists.

Such super-natural explanations lie outside of science, which can neither prove nor disprove miracles.


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