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"There is a tendency among North Korean university students to be liberal when it comes to dating," she said.

"For example, when they go to a friend's birthday party, they play foreign music, dance disco, and are very natural in their approach to relationships between the sexes, Western-style." North Korea's political culture, on the surface, appears to lean toward extreme conservatism, with propaganda posters showing rows of clean-cut young men and women, saluting the Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il, or remembering the Great Leader, his father Kim Il Sung.

"Abortion is illegal in North Korea, as it is considered that it takes human life.

In my case, I went to a hospital to get an abortion done, but they wouldn't do it," she said.

Famine brought prostitution Since that era, adultery, premarital sex, and cohabitation have become more prevalent among ordinary young people in North Korea, although homosexual relationships are still discouraged.

The famine of the 1990s, which forced thousands of defectors across the border into China every year in search of jobs and food, brought in its wake greater openness about sexuality, but also a thriving trade in trafficking and prostitution.

Many North Korean defectors abruptly come in contact with such sex culture in China, and that is why many of them end up having distorted views on sexual mores in the free world of capitalist societies," she added.

Editor’s note: Reporter Matt Sanchez, currently embedding with military units throughout both Iraq and Afghanistan, has been providing WND readers with a glimpse into the war on terror most Americans have never seen.

She was a married woman at the time she moved in with Kim Jong Il and was never recognized as more than his mistress.

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