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Thirdly, you can subscribe to a highly secure DNS-level filtering service that applies to your entire home Internet Wi-Fi network so that you can protect your family on all devices and computers in your network at the same time.

You still have the freedom to customize Internet filters for each device on your network.

This option automatically filters out all sexually explicit content from every Google search-result page.

You can also lock the “Safe Search” feature with a password to prevent smarter kids from trying to disable it.

One popular example of this software is from Kids Watch Inc. The second option is free for those of you using many Apple devices or Google Chrome browsers: Just activate and customize your built-in parental controls!

In Google Chrome, your browser settings become saved to whichever Gmail account that you log in with.

Please note that you’ll need to keep cookies enabled to use this feature.

Your network administrator can sometimes bypass your browser settings, so contact your Internet provider if you have issues with your filters.

While you can block many adult-content websites by putting them on blacklists, you can still create white lists to allow your favorite websites to always come through if your filters accidentally try to block them.


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