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By the end of the film, he received a standing ovation from the audience.

Santoro was also the voice actor of the titular character in Stuart Little and its sequel in the Brazilian dubbed copies.

His first major role in a cinema production came in 2001, with Bicho de Sete Cabeças (Brainstorm) by Brazilian director Laís Bodansky.

He also voices his character Paulo in the Portuguese dub for Brazil.

Santoro was cast as Persian emperor Xerxes in the film 300, based on the Frank Miller comic of the same name, in 2006.

When they ended up casting me, they didn’t change the character.” Santoro also sees a larger picture for Latino actors, however.

The market’s opened itself more and more, not only for actors but artists from all over the world,” he added.

A decade ago, in 2000, Portman dated "Star Wars" co-star Hayden Christensen.

Before hooking up with Millepied, Portman was seeing folkie singer Devandra Banhart.

But even if it’s shown incredible sticking power, the film also dated rapidly.

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