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But it takes intentionality in finding ways to laugh together. Sometimes when life and our different approaches to it, are toppling in on us, we have an important choice to make.

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And then just enjoy the sport of racing around and throwing them at each other.

The following idea can be used as a family activity as well.

(We have some Creative Questions and Fish Bowl Conversation questions listed in the Communication Tools topic of this web site.) For additional ideas, such as the one above, you can find them at the web site.

In this idea, Emily (“just one mom”) suggests this for a wife to make for her husband. But it’s a great way to tell your wife that you are willing to go outside of your comfort zone to express your love.

If one or more won’t work for you, think about adapting them so they do. We hope you find the following ideas to be helpful: No, it isn’t about chipping “snow” from the sides of your freezer, and throwing it at each other.

It’s about making some soft snowballs in another way.

That’s what we offer you here (and throughout the Romantic Ideas topic).

Below you will find 10 great ideas for dates to help you and your spouse enjoy being together in different ways.

But how about sending the children off somewhere else and using it for an indoor (or outdoor, in your backyard) activity together? And isn’t that great “medicine” for your life together?


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