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Then there are those men who put commitment off until MUCH LATER, or guys who find themselves divorced at 50 and are suddenly back in the dating game.

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For some men, that could be his early twenties (this is typically the guy who marries his high school sweetheart).

For another type of man, the years from 20-35 are when he pictures a life of single, unattached, career-focused, jet-setting fun, after which he wants to marry and settle down with the right woman.

Others maintain that even a one-year age gap should be strictly forbidden in the teen-dating arena.

Here, Circle of Moms members share different opinions on whether a hard line should be drawn on age difference, and if so, where. One of the first factors moms should consider before deciding whether you approve of your child's dating relationship is how mature both the boy and girl are, says Circle of Moms member Louise M.

This is where self-awareness is key – especially when it comes to dating older men.

Ask yourself: for marriage soon, then you’re probably going to feel rushed if you feel pushed to a level commitment you’re not ready for.

Let’s say you’re 35, and the guy you’re dating is a fresh-faced 26 year old.

In this post, we’ll look at the MOST IMPORTANT things to consider before dating a significantly older or younger guy, and explain how men’s minds work when it comes to age gaps.

It depends on where he is emotionally and mentally – this is what you really need to pay attention to.

Suppose you’re 26 and wondering if you should be with a 42 year old guy.

So when it comes to age, you want to strike a balance between being realistic and open-minded. They have an extremely specific vision of a guy they’re looking for (e.g.


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  4. like mom always said its not how many times u can do it ... Well this is where i dont say much if i had a idea what i wanted id be married and happy lol.....i want to be respected, treated like a women should be.

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