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Dell began as PCs Limited in 1984 when Michael Dell was a student at the University of Texas. In 1988, the company changed its name to Dell Computer Corporation and went public with an IPO.

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In 1999, Dell became the world’s largest PC manufacturer.

In 2003, the company was renamed to simply Dell Inc. Dell is currently the third largest PC vendor in the world, behind HP and Lenovo.

Reply For the last week I have been waiting for Dells cyber Monday sale. All I had to do was wait for the countdown on the site to hit 6pm. I believe Dell should replace this cord for free as I am in college and have been patient for the last 2 wrong shipments. I have spent over 3 hours trying to get service and a 90W power cord for my laptop. When I registered a complaint on 17/07/17 and i was told to reset it .

My i Mac died unexpectedly several weeks ago and my kids begged for a Dell PC. At I refreshed my page and it said they had all been sold out! In 3 seconds you sold every computer you had available for this sale? How could I have one in my cart and then it just disappears. I have $138 tied up in wrong cords and cannot afford to pay again for a cord. Status Reply I have a dell laptop which was initially having some issues. I was given a assurance that my laptop will start working properly after i reset it. Then after much of the harassment and struggle ,dell executives talked and provided me with onsite visit and reinstalled the windows .

Everytime, i operate my laptop, i have to face one or the other problem.

Within a week of installation of windows, the first day i operated my machine , the same day my screen showed me a flash of light.

I have never been as disappointed in a product or a company Sam W.

Keenon Biloxi Miss Reply I purchased 2 all in one dell computers in May 2017. I contact customer support ans was patched to a tech in India.

I have asked them from the beginning to replace it as I had a very bad feeling about it with things going wrong right out of the box.

Any company that values their reputation would realize that this computer was defective right from the beginning and would do the honorable thing and replace it since it is so new. What started out to be a great gift for their mother and grandmother has turned out to be nothing but stress for me and a huge disappointment.

Today is Thursday and you guessed it, no computer and no call from any supervisor. Each time I paid in advance for the wrong cords and each time was told to send them back. After being on the phone and being transferred 10 times I was told I could pay again for another cord and they would ship it to me.


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