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However, despite his distinguished war record and legal qualifications, he was unable to find work at the Bar and decided to take up acting.

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Over the years, the Group has diversified, promoting principals in the areas of Vessel Repairs, New Building Consultancy, Coatings, Marine Lubricants, Chemicals, and Fuel Management Systems.

The MIE Group Ltd currently employs over 80 technical and commercial professionals worldwide.

The mosaics of the House of Aion date back to the fourth century A.

D and lie close to the mosaics of Dionysus and Theseus.

Speaking of his upbringing, Grant said: "I was brought up in a typically colonial way, singing 'Rule Britannia' and learning about English history and geography, but not knowing anything about the country I was born in.

I knew as a young person in Guyana that something was wrong.... I knew that the colony was too small to hold me." In 1941, Grant joined the Royal Air Force, which had extended recruitment to non-white candidates following heavy losses in the early years of the Second World War.After the war, Grant decided to pursue his original ambition to study law, perceiving it as a means to challenge racism and social injustice.He became a member of the Middle Temple in London and qualified as a barrister in 1950.Paris Hilton‘s recent breakup with Cy Waits was not a surprise for one of them.In fact, Waits says it was in the works for a while.In 2008, he was the founder and inspirator of an online archive to trace and commemorate Caribbean airmen of the Second World War.

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