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It was realized after collecting dozens of life stories of the Nigerian girls welcomed in our protection programs and shelters.The purpose of this project is to raise awareness about the complex interplay of factors that lead these girls to be exploited in the streets and make it difficult to escape.Reports a day after started coming in that Yvonne Nelson’s baby father, Jamie Roberts is allegedly still married and revealed a wedding photo of Jamie with his wife, Keela Harrison.

On the Road have been working for more than twenty years, helping these women exploited in the streets, offering medical and legal counselling and exit routes.

The video is the result of a project (based on training, research and storytelling) funded by the American Embassy in Italy.

Now, here are more pictures of Keela Harrison; Yvonne biggest rival today.

Batta Box heads onto the streets of Lagos, Nigeria to ask – when and how did you lose your virginity.

“I want to hold it until I get married.”“I lost my virginity to my oldest sister’s best friend,” explains one Lagos guy.

“I was a novice, so I didn’t know anything about sex, so the girl was just teasing me because she knew I was losing my virginity.”However, there remain serious issues of consent in Nigeria, as we discovered when we asked one girl how she lost her virginity:“We didn’t plan it,” says one Lagos girl.It’s a question that gives an insight into the person and into society and their approach to sex.And we came up with some interesting and honest answers, results, and insights into the reason why, when, and how Nigerians lose their virginity.“I went to his house, and made him a good meal, and after eating, said let’s go to the bedroom, let’s do it small small, don’t pain me abeg,” explains one Lagos girl.“It was my boyfriend, but the guy forced me, it was kind of rape.”In 2015 Durex, the condom maker, polled around the world and found Nigerians to be the most sexually satisfied country in the world, with Nigerians spending not less than 24 minutes having sex.As you can see from the map above – Nigerians report some of the most exciting sex life’s in the world. Gist us in the comments below, and don’t forget to click subscribe.“But it was not sweet, it hurt.”“Definitely it was a good feeling, it was nice, that’s all,” says one Lagos guy.

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