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The law was designed with input from a constitutional-court judge, he adds.

Only the University of Crete is complying with the changes.

Some institutes and universities would be merged to reduce the fragmentation that has arisen in the past 30 years.

Expected to take effect this year, the plan also aims to break down barriers that make it difficult for scientists to move between institutions.

The law would create a mandatory line for research spending in the state budget for the first time.

But parliament would have to approve the actual budget each year, and scientists fear that parliament might not be generous.

Scientists' main concern, says Thomaidou, is that mid-career researchers like herself will survive the upheavals only to find that there is no new generation of researchers to succeed them, because poorly paid and financed research careers are unattractive.

“We keep our thoughts firmly on science and hope that things will get better — and that if everything is to be restructured, it will be done appropriately,” she says.The proposed law on research would also need solid financial backing, say scientists.It designs a system in which researchers in different types of institution and in industry would be able to collaborate easily, administration would be efficient and there would be regular calls for competitive research grants.Just a handful of Greece's universities and research institutions are internationally competitive.A massive restructuring of the system would modernize their governance, giving them more autonomy while introducing greater competition and transparency.“We are trying to survive and go along as if nothing is happening,” says Dimitra Thomaidou, a microscopist at the Hellenic Pasteur Institute in Athens.


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