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This latest hunting related incident makes for Maine's fifth this year.Topfreedom is a cultural and political movement seeking changes in laws to allow women to be topless in public places where men are permitted to be barechested, as a form of gender equality.

The irony is that by forcing women to cover up their bodies, society has made naked women's breasts something to see.

If the district court's ruling is upheld on appeal, discriminatory anti-topless laws in the territory of the Tenth Circuit (Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, and Oklahoma) will be unenforceable.

Britt Hoagland, Samantha Six and Free the Nipple - Fort Collins brought the case in May 2016.

The judge wrote: the naked female breast is seen as disorderly or dangerous because society, from Renaissance paintings to Victoria's Secret commercials, has conflated female breasts with genitalia and stereotyped them as such.

The men entered the woods in pursuit of the bird and both fired.

Robert Cyr was shot as a result with 20-25 pellets striking much of his body.

Kayla Corey, 28, from Kennebunkport was hunting partridge on the Ragmuff Road in Piscataquis County yesterday afternoon, Columbus Day.

While loading her .410 bolt action shotgun loaded with bird shot, the firearm discharged. Corey was taken by her hunting party to Millinocket Regional Hospital where game wardens interviewed her.

The topfreedom movement has claimed success in a few instances in persuading some state and federal courts to overturn some state laws on the basis of sex discrimination or equal protection, arguing that a woman should be free to expose her chest in any context in which a man can expose his.

Other successful cases have been on the basis of freedom of expression in protest, or simply that exposure of breasts is not indecent (or similar terminology).

The Venice Beach neighborhood of Los Angeles, in 1974, was home to a nudist colony that scandalized the community, attracted cameras and spurred LA to ban nudity.

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