Validating dropdownlist

Maybe when dropdownlist is not visible it's a problem, but even when dropdown list is visible, the requiredfieldvalidator seems to just ignore the fact that it's empty and let's the user press buttons.

I have requiredfieldvalidators for my textboxes on the same page and they work perfectly.

Hi Daniele, Thank you for your Reply, You are on the right track regarding to what i would like, Butt he Code is not fully working I have attached my PM process to make it easy for you to have the form to work with, Hope this helps Hi Jobbe S, I had that at first which did the trick, but Some Issues with that.1.

normally web developers put an instruction only item at dropdownlist items top such as an item with text 'select an item' etc.

so web developers need to ensure that users select an item from dropdownlist control other than the first item.

Insert(0, new List Item("--Select--", "-1")); [3] then set the required field validator as.. As require field validator's initial value property check the value parameter. Yes, its working thanks Then i have another doubt in sql.. Add(new List Item("JP", "John Player")); ddl_season.

Check whether required field validatior is working for any other control or not. post the Datasource data and the binding method which you are using. Check that the text and value property of selection box are same or different for select a county item.

Data validation rules allow you to constrain the values that can be entered into a worksheet cell.

You can define one or more data validation rules for your worksheet.

Good Day, Would like to get some assistance on the Following: I have a Grid with 3 Dropdownlist in them, On submit I want to make sure that all the Dropdownlists have correct Values in them.

I want to make sure that the following is not selected on Each Dropdownlist:" is selected and stat to Change this taking the Focus to that field.

initial value is only used for information only, users need to select any one item from dropdownlist control other than it.


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