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But if we dropped down into the minute world of Quantum mechanics, then the possibilities exponentially increase.

Or it could be in two position, also at the same time.

As far as Lerina knew, she had woken up living a slightly different life.

She had gone to the right office, it was just that her name had been replaced. She took out her laptop and connected to the company’s wireless network.

There she found that she was still on the company’s roster however it showed that she was under a different manager, in a totally different department. She immediately checked her credit cards, driver’s license, and work ID.

Besides the bed sheets, everything else seemed normal for Lerina. Inside the office building there were a few strange people she had not met before but that didn’t raise any flags.

Lerina walked towards her own office only to discover that there was a different name tag on her office door. She then thought that maybe she had gotten off on the wrong floor of the building however a quick look revealed that she was on the right one. After 20 years of faithful work, this is how they let her know?

She was confused and disturbed at the fact that they were of a completely different set. Not being able to come up with a rational explanation, Lerina decided to get ready and head to her office job.

A job that she had been employed for the past 20 or so years.A world not-unlike the one she had left before going to sleep.However small inconsistencies in various aspects of her life began to convince her that she was in fact, living in an alternate reality.But now, there were no signs of her boyfriend and his son at all.As the day passed, she found more and more inconsistencies. The one thing she thought was that maybe she had a nervous breakdown at one point.She had no choice but to go into work the next day and pretend that she belonged. Severe enough to implant false memories into her head, or at least that’s what she thought when she visited a psychiatric clinic.

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