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During lunch, a group of Archeologists would poke around the excavation and found all the stuff that was dumped from ships moored in the Bay before this area was filled. The transit authority also said the high-rise is made of concrete rather than steel, "resulting in a very heavy building.Lots of those clay pots, apparently used to ship rice, and many small bottles, some still sealed and full. This heavy structure rests on layers of soft, compressible soil. Constructed on mud fill with a slab foundations supported on piles into dense sand. I don't know if the sand is saturated, but, there could also be problems during a seismic event...

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My old house had issues with a door not closing correctly because the ground was shifting.

A contractor wanted to fix the foundation, I just adjusted the door hinge.

Near as I can tell, that particular high rise is sitting on what used to be Yerba Buena Cove: Been reading about the engineers and such involved with Flint.

I was a concrete inspector on the BART Lower Market Street Station.

I mean if the piles remain good against failure, but they required 16 inches of settlement to develop their full capacity, that's a serviceability problem. Yes, the service connections would present big problems, as would probably a lot of other relationships with the surrounding ground level surfaces. My favorite line, "said Dodson, an attorney who has helped organize homeowners lawsuits.

In a situation like this, servioeability/settlement failure is overriding, and strength is of less importance. Could the right "seismic event" cause liquifaction of the underlying sand and cause a rapid decline in building stability, or are the underlying ground specifics not appropriate for such a reaction? I was just saying the dense sand could be safe for foundation support (i.e., strong enough), but some other layer may settle. 'I can tell you that satellite data is way more accurate that digging in the dirt.'" Translation: We don't need no stinkin' surveyors, we got Google maps! you'd think with all the lawyers that they would be able to 'plot a course' to wind this up...The foundation of the Tower, however, consists only of a concrete slab supported by short piles that fail to reach the bedrock below. v=BKor P55Aqvg FAQ731-376: Forum Policies forum1529: Translation Assistance for Engineers "and has sunk 16 inches and shifted 2 inches to the northwest since opening"- That's from the Fox news article, doesn't say it tilted, but moved sideways?Various places in that part of the city is soft landfill; they used to find ships and whatnot when digging foundations for various buildings. I suspect a lot of lawyers will make a lot of money out of this and that's about the only positive aspect all the way around.It will have to tilt a lot more than 2 inches before it becomes a major tourist attraction. It is better to have enough ideas for some of them to be wrong, than to be always right by having no ideas at all. Could the right "seismic event" cause liquifaction of the underlying sand and cause a rapid decline in building stability, or are the underlying ground specifics not appropriate for such a reaction? There is a problem designing for some capacity and not documenting that the installed pile developed that capacity. Why do you question the 16" settlement quoted, fattdad?It will be some time yet before the Italians become concerned about losing tourist dollars to SF. " Jimmy Carter The Transbay Transit Center is 90% over budget and considering a special tax on the properties, including 301 Mission, to pay for the bail out. Those other leaning towers are interesting, no doubt, but none of them were intended to be a residential building. There is also a problem not knowing the performance details of the piles. I would think if this was not factful, there would have been a denial by now.According to one observation by a geotechnical engineer, sorry I didn't save the link, one problem is that the Transbay Authority, TJPA did too good of a job with their secant pile wall.


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