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Each individual case must be addressed separately and individually. The fundamental goal of counseling is to help individuals who are experiencing personal challenges be able to resolve them and improve their emotional well-being.People who choose counseling as a career path are usually empathetic by nature.

It’s your job to stay focused and give each patient the full attention they need, and you need, in order to gain insight to make an accurate assessment, and ultimately develop a suitable therapy plan. After you’ve listened to your client share their story, and taken good notes, the next step is to establish clear objectives, based on the specific issues and needs of your client.

By communicating a defined set of objectives, with milestones along the way, you’re helping your client feel hopeful their issues can come to resolution.

You can learn how to communicate clearly, develop closeness again (or for the first time) or move on in couples counseling.

This comes through working on your own anxiety or depression that may be because of or before the relationship difficulty.

Barbara Massey Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor provides individual counseling for a variety of types of anxiety.

Marriage counseling, relationship therapy, and couples counseling are another key focus.You practice unconditional positive regard in your therapy.It’s a notion that allows your patients to open up and be forthcoming in their feelings, and honest about actions that may have called them to seek counseling.I can help you sort through your emotions and thoughts within a compassionate environment for change.Just as technology develops (think i Phone6) you may need an up-to-date, marriage counselor or couples counselor.Barbara can be contacted by phone at 541-326-1696 or by email at [email protected] Barbara Massey LMFT Counseling web site does not intend to be a substitute for legal, ethical or clinical advice or consultation or for treatment.


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