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These are color postcards with a linen texture dated ca. The albums were purchased by IPI’s director, James Reilly, from a small independent antique shop in Girona, Spain to be added to the IPI process study collection.The majority of the cards in this collection are silver gelatin developed-out photographic prints (DOPs).

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The online gallery below showcases a sampling of these postcards and their fascinating use of hand-applied embellishment.

Stenciling, airbrushing, and base tinting techniques were used to create fantastic color effects.

The photo postcards were exposed and processed in the studio where the sitters could change their identity and environment with different backdrops, props, and costumes as if on a stage.

Thus, in addition to the use of fantastic colors, role playing in front of the camera produced theatrical postcards that reflect the desires of society at the turn of the century.

The number "503" is in penciled script on the address side. The back of the carriage has the wording "Fremden Rundfahrl" painted above a fancy crest. The back of the card was penciled, in period, "Summer of 1906".

The Tichnor Brothers Collection contains approximately 25,000 office proofs of postcards of the United States published by the Boston firm Tichnor Brothers Inc.

The postcard has a divided back with the Cy Ko corner stamp box from the 1904 to 1920's period. This is an original RPPC photo postcard card which shows Elevyn Meenen standing next to a steel toy airplane. The photo is a beautiful & very sharp black & white silver print. This postcard was found in York, PA with several other views of a biplane that performed at the York Fairgrounds but we don't know if this is the same biplane that was in the other views. Howe has signed the card & dated it on the front "Mr. He has also signed & dated the card on the back 1/29/17 Love & Kisses from Thomas". The cards are all in crisp, fresh, near mint condition.

The postcard shows shadows on the back from having been in an album page. Possibly the toy airplane was made by Dayton Friction Company. There is an embossed blindstamp of the photographer at the bottom left corner "Pemberton St. The card which is in superb condition has an undivided back with an Artura (or Artur) stamp box. The photograph is printed upsidedown relative to the address side.

Original RPPC (real photo post card) showing four young girls with a flowered sand bucket. There is a note on the back of the card from Olive. The address side has a divided back with a stamp box that has a Cy Ko stamp box that is from the 1904 to 1920's period.

The postcard measures 5 7/16 inches by 3 7/16 inches.

One postcard shows seven German officers on horseback and others standing around. There is an inscription in German in the negative that shows the years 1915/16. Four of the postcards are of landscapes and are described as follows: White printing in the lower part of the cards identifies the locations as: "Fern Forest, Hawaii," "Royal Palm, Honolulu," "Blow Hole, Oahu T. There are lots of early cars in the photo & a very unusual truck.


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