Funny answers to dating questions

Don’t allow other people to tarnish your independence by implying that it’s sad or indicative of a problematic personality trait.If anything, it indicates the strength of your personality! I just quit my job and gave up my hobbies so I could pursue dating full time.

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If she’s not in a relationship, it must be her fault.

She has to have some baggage or some other undesirable quality.

Yes, even supposedly interested people treat our availability as a potential red flag!

Being single does not automatically indicate lack of ability to have a successful relationship. Maybe you’re busy with your career or your kids or maybe, shockingly, you just want to take some time to focus on yourself.

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Editor’s Note: This article focuses specifically on the ways in which society makes assumptions about single women who date men.Dating culture is really bizarre because we expect women to approach dating like a regular maintenance chore to complete.No effort means no husband (which is exactly what you should be looking for)!Women can and do accomplish things and love themselves and feel complete without a partner (or with one who isn’t a man! Even so, there are some who will dismiss the prejudice of such logic by insisting that romance is a universal human desire and therefore fair game as a tool to connect and relate to others. We have to account for those who identify as aromantic and are perfectly happy never looking for romantic love.Additionally, many others aren’t looking for love right now at all, and that’s totally acceptable.Date someone because you want to get to know them, not to force a relationship.


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  4. Singles usually wonder if the person they meet in a dating website will have some kind of physical attraction between them when they meet in person. Jim explains what kind of chemistry a person should expect to feel when meeting the person for the first time.

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