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She viciously pulled my hair as she bent my head for a kiss.

She was standing within reach so I made a grab at her, but she just skipped aside, laughing.

And put her foot down on a piece of paper that was on the floor and had her foot shoot out from under her and she was falling.

Jenny turned out to be a bit of a cheeky sod, making a couple of comments about the old man having to help the younger one out.

I stirred back a little at the second old man gibe. "You'll find I'm just the right age to put you across my knee if you keep it up." Jenny just laughed and a few minutes later made another crack.

Even though we kept in touch via messenger, emailing fantasies, texting naughty pictures and on the phone once in a while, but nothing is a substitute for the real thing... After several dates with a man, he misses her signals.

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