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These Western guys become deeply attracted to the Thai ladies’ femininity, grace, beauty and, I use this word very explicitly, .

Charm is an influence with magical connotations, and there is many a Western guy who has fallen under the magical spell of a Thai lady.

If your English or American girlfriend asked you to give her an allowance of 1,000 bucks a month you’d tell her to take a hike.

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Line sex chat in bkk the history of dating and communication

This is particularly true when they are in “husband hunting mode”.

Let’s face it there is no shortage of guys (Western and Thai) in Thailand, but finding a good husband is very difficult for a number of reasons (which I won’t go into here).

I think that says a lot about the charm of Thai girls.

Usually sane and intelligent guys lose all reason when their darling gives them her dazzling smile, the scent of her perfume and the light touch of her soft brown hand!

A relationship with a Thai woman can be the most wonderful experience you will have in your life – it could also turn out to be your worst nightmare.

The main thing is to try and keep it a positive and happy experience.

There is no doubt that Thai women are among the most beautiful in the world.

They are a magnet for Western men, who, perhaps feeling underappreciated and unloved in their own countries, come to Thailand in search of love.

No, you are unlikely to find the girl of your dreams trawling the bars and massage parlours of Bangkok.

But there are countless guys who attempt that very thing.

When I was a Thailand newbie I commented to an long term expat in Bangkok that I wasn’t aware of many famous Thai people (with the exception of Tata Young of course Relationships in Thailand can be fragile and volatile.


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