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There are no strip clubs around, at least not ones that any tourist will find.

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That means you are going to have to go to their place and hope it isn’t a set up. You should try to head to Darakeh where there is some nightlife, and maybe ask a taxi to take you to a sofreh khaneh.

That is the word for nightclub, and there are always hookers in nightclubs. Find an expat that knows where to monger in Tehran and hope that he will tell you about your options.

The 'Rich Kids of Tehran' account is a seemingly neverending parade of cars, cash, mansions, designer clothing and pouting millennials that has been causing controversy for several years.

Now, some claim that their display of blatant braggadocio, in the face of a nation where many are starving and suppressed by the state, may have stoked the anti-government protests which erupted in Iran last month.

Or just ask a taxi to drive you around the main streets in the nice part of the city and look for girls standing on the side of the road. Find a local that knows the scene and have him help you out.

Or you can ask a taxi driver and ask him to take you for girls or lady massage.

Clearly this is not the type of place to take a mongering vacation to meet girls, but there are still ways to find girls for sex in Tehran.

This is a massive city after all, and prostitution is the worlds oldest profession.

This is probably the best way to go in the current state of affairs here.


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