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We welcome the critical feedback, it can only help us to create a better product and a better offer for our contributors.Below, we will paste 4 different ICO analysis reports in their entirety, including some responses from our team to any questions or concerns.

This token will be the only way to subscribe to the Clear Poll Plus feature of the platform to access valuable data on various pertinent topics.

Distribution The ICO process is aimed at raising 1000 ETH or the equivalent of close to $300,000 and the team says it would be able to complete its app development project on half that amount.

There are numerous examples of situations in which the alleged prevailing public opinion polls on sensitive topics and the actual outcome on the ground ended up showing huge disparities for which no one can really account.

These are the issues that Clear Poll seeks to address by decentralizing the powers behind this sensitive process using the unique advantages that the blockchain has to offer.

We encourage you to read it all, take it in, and make your own decision.

Clear Poll is offering a decentralized solution that makes it possible for the general public to vote securely and have their votes safeguarded on the blockchain without fear of having their opinion censored or misrepresented in any way.

Around 70% of these tokens will be sold to crowdfunding investors while 10% will be reserved for future use as rewards and issuance to the developer team and advisors.

At the end of every poll, 100 tokens will be destroyed.

Topics that have been covered in the past are unlikely to resurface as active polls but users can easily view the results from the completed polls.


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