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Furthermore, because Saudi Arabia contains the two holy mosques, it considers having any pork inside the country desecration.

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Banned: Music classes in public schools Music is legal in Saudi Arabia and there is an active music industry.

However, there are no formal schools to teach music.

Banned: The mixing of sexes at malls and restaurants In many malls in Saudi, only “families” are allowed.

And by families, they mean either women visiting a mall by themselves, or men who are accompanied by women.

All of this is in an effort to prevent non-Muslims from sharing their ideas with Muslims and possibly converting them.

Banned: Women working in certain jobs Women are not allowed to do most of the jobs that men can do in Saudi Arabia.

In girls’ schools and universities, there are no gym classes or sports teams, and therefore there are no professional women’s teams.

Saudi Arabia faces a ban from the International Olympic Committee for never sending out any female delegates and the Saudi Olympic Committee was only able to find two girls, one of whom was born and raised and trained in the United States.

Despite all this, there is an underground culture of rock bands and concerts hidden away from the eyes of religious officials.


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