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Any girl that shows up to school with a hint of red is barred from entry and is sent home to change whatever it is that is red.

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If anyone converts from Islam or abandons religion, they face the death penalty.

The ban is not just limited to places of worship but even extends to personal religious items such as religious books (Bibles, for example) and symbols, such as crosses and crucifixes.

Banned: Pork Since Saudi Arabia operates under Islamic law, all food entering the country must be “halal”.

It is a country that considers all its citizens to be Muslim and any non-Muslim expats have to abide by its strict rules as well.

The usual reason given for banning them is that they allow for men and women to mingle unsupervised, leading to possible immoral actions outside the realm of marriage.

For this reason, many Saudis who live close to the island nation of Bahrain drive over there on weekends to watch movies and drink, since alcohol is also prohibited in Saudi Arabia.

Despite all this, there is an underground culture of rock bands and concerts hidden away from the eyes of religious officials.

Banned: Gyms and sports for women For a while, private gyms for women were allowed to operate until the Religious Police decided to close them down for good.

Mall security would not allow a group of men or a single man to enter unless a woman is with them.

This is especially true mainly for Saudi men, while many non-Saudi men (especially Western expats) are allowed in with no problems most of the time.

All of this is in an effort to prevent non-Muslims from sharing their ideas with Muslims and possibly converting them.


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