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Just like many other Facebook users who like keeping their face a mystery, Rat-a-tat, the other half of Calif Angels has a picture of her and a friend.“That is made to keep stalkers away as they wouldn’t know how I look.

Today, a girl has her status as being ‘in a serious relationship’.

The next day she declares herself ‘single’ willing to hook up.

After a week of communication, I am now getting to know Faizah better.

She says she hasn’t been dating the artiste and that those who hate her are creating a wedge between them.

The couple had accompanied their niece, Veronica Shiro Ng’ang’a, the wife of Fidel Odinga to the Odinga’s rural home in Bondo. Published on 22/08/2008 By Stevens Muendo Mid last week, a hate mail was posted on the Pulse mailbox with the writer alleging that the star of a popular hit track was cheating on his wife.

Valerie Kimani: Will perform in SA It sounded like one of those blazing mountains from a jilted lover out to settle scores.

Though my two good newfound friends might not be secret Facebook lovers as portrayed in the mail, the truth is that — besides other practices — many Pulsers among them popular celebs are now using the new Internet sensation as a dating site. In a flash of a second, all Kenzo’s friends would know that he is on his way to KBC for an interview (that was Monday), that the artiste is recording another hot song (that was Tuesday), that Faizah is in bed alone in her birthday suit…feeling naughty…

that Janet Chapia, my other Facebook friend is in a spiritual mood screaming; “The Lord is my saviour” It’s a whole lot of fun but watch out, stalkers are on the prow!

those soft rosy wet pick lips, finger stroke and spread them while my tongue glides over them watch and feel them swell under my touch, put me in your mouth…down your throat…gag as i sticka finger in you..tweak your nipples, tongue your clit and force you to swallow….69 hun…cum quick then have me abuse that sexy white body…Big Daddy is waiting!

The 2018 Winter Olympics are upon us, and thanks to the massive success of the Oscar-nominated film "I, Tonya," all eyes are on the figure skating competition.

From the bulky but warm dresses of the 1920s to the over-the-top costumes of today, take a look back at how Olympic figure skating fashion has evolved over the last 94 years." data-src="" role="presentation" src="//" title="Olympic figure skating style has evolved a lot over the past 94 years.


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