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In this book Field Roast Executive Chef Tommy Mc Donald shares the secrets of roasts, sausages, burgers, and deli slices that can be prepared in any home kitchen. In the foreward to this book, Founder and President David Lee explains the story of Field Roast that began over 20 years ago in a quest to introduce the public to what he calls "real vegetarian meat" that is grain-based.

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Without a little romance, life would certainly be missing those shared moments of tenderness and passion that make us feel special.

Thoughts of love bring contentment to the heart, and add fervor to our dreams. Research shows that just two years ago, mentioning your non-meating-eating ways on dating sites curbed the likelihood that'd you find a significant other--but now, it's actually a super-attractive quality.

This week, two UC Davis fraternities battled it out in a competition centered around maintaining a diet completely free of animal products.

Theta Xi and Theta Chi teamed up with Davis' People for the Elimination of Animal Cruelty through Education club (PEACE) to compete in the campus' first ever Vegan Frat Challenge.

Tyson Foods' venture capital arm announced Monday that it has secured a minority investment in Memphis Meats, the buzzy startup that grows beef, chicken and duck meat with animal cells and petri dishes, no livestock required.

Tyson joins other high-profile investors in Memphis Meats including Bill Gates and Richard Branson. San Francisco-based Memphis Meats unveiled a meatball grown in a lab in 2016, but has yet to commercialize a product.

)--but now, vegetarians get 3 percent more replies and vegans get 62 percent more messages than the average person. A simple Sun-Dried Tomato Hummos comes to the football gathering dressed as a football.

Prepare a double quantity of this popular garbanzo bean dip and flavor it with sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, and a touch of spice.

The proposed law by Supervisor Katy Tang would make San Francisco the third city in the country to outlaw such products, emulating West Hollywood, which passed a ban in 2011, and Berkeley, which followed last year.

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