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II:2 -- Manuel Alfonso A J Araneda; Sandra Cunningham; Gordon James Fern; Waheed Hassan; Gregg Mitchell Stevenson.

III -- David Robert Michael Anderson; Alexander Craig Fairley; Victoria Lorimer; Andrew Yat-Kwan Tang; Andrew Thomas Lang Wotherspoon.

Every Wednesday night Peter would bring his children Addie and Jack to dinner at Caren’s Cos Cobber.

The kids and Caren struck up a warm relationship, and soon the St. The pair started dating, and Caren became a part of the crew.

II:1 -- Thomas William Kelsey; Andrew Fraser Mc Vey; Francis Hugh Ramage; Mandeep Singh Ubhi. Degree: Lindsey Mary Davidson; Kai-Ming Fung; Juliet-Ann Galloway; Lesley Dawn Hardless.

II:2 -- Christopher Anthony Andrews; Fraser George Black; Michael Laurence Spence. Painting I -- Tomoko Amaki; Jane Louise Benson; Sean Francis Byrne; Paul James Dalrymple; Roger Gideon Elliot; John Mac Lean; Jane Miller Weatherly.

II:2 -- Brian Martin Fitzgerald; Paul Christopher Montgomery; Jamie Oliver; Shane Nicholas Ritchie; Richard Norman Scott.

Biochemistry I -- Stephen Robin Hamilton; Christina Kimmer Smith.

Chemistry with Computer Science II:1 -- Claire Elizabeth Fernie. Chemistry with a European Language II:1 -- Jens Christoph Thies. BACHELOR OF ARTS Design I -- Charlotte Louise Adams; Richard William Hardcastle; Audrey Yung-Hsu Lam; Katrina Lezanne Moorhead; Ruth Patricia Schmidt; Daniel Benjamin Sellars; Gail Rose Simpson.

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