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Chemistry with Polymers and Advanced Materials II:1 -- Douglas Craig Colgan; John Gordon Tait. MASTER OF FINE ART Painting Robert Adams; John Christopher Ayscough; Robert L Berchem; Alan Connor; Margaret Ann Hills; Karen Elizabeth Kirkwood. II:2 -- Elaine Allan Guthrie Aitken; Yvonne Cameron; Ewen Carmichael; Gemma Kate Carter; Christine Margaret Cunningham; Rachel Mary George; Jacqueline Rosemary Graham; Rhian Elizabeth Harding; Marion Margaret Ruth Henderson; Jonathan William Reynolds Hudson; Brenda Johnston; Iwan Jones-Roberts; Ian Mc Intyre Kirkhope; Thomas Kruck; Rebecca Ann Lakeman; John Lowrie; Lindi Sara Mackie; Alan Mc Dairmant; Gregor Thomas Mc Kenzie; Amanda Jane Mitchell; Jonathan Edward Alexander Mitchell; Holly Katherine Nixon; Alexis Frank Norris; Catherine Louise Owen; Fiona Jane Ractliffe; Sarah Elaine Slark; Damian Mark Towers; Giles James Tuck; Simon Matthew Tuer; Gillian Peebles Warden; Michelle Olivia Wilkinson; Wai Lian Linda Wong.

Mathematics I -- Kathryn Ann Dawson; Andrew Malcolm Finnie; Guangyan Wu. III -- Victoria Jane Arkless; Catherine Andrea Bennett; Nicola Isdell-Carpenter; Colette Mc Neill; Valerie Elizabeth Reid; Rebecca Reilly; Dawn Louise Smith.

Chemistry I -- Sarah Jane Alexander; Catherine Ann Clarke; Adrian Hall; Steven Mark Hankin; Lindsey Mitchell; Christine Mary Rae.

II:1 -- Suzanne Louise Hart; Emma Ellen Rennie; Malcolm Andrew Spence; Gavin Jeffrey Wood.

II:2 -- Manuel Alfonso A J Araneda; Sandra Cunningham; Gordon James Fern; Waheed Hassan; Gregg Mitchell Stevenson.

III -- David Robert Michael Anderson; Alexander Craig Fairley; Victoria Lorimer; Andrew Yat-Kwan Tang; Andrew Thomas Lang Wotherspoon.

III -- Louise Anderson; Carl Grint; Marian Henderson Hood; Victoria Jane Jackson. Mathematics with Computer Science III -- Gillian Agnes Scott. Mathematics with Education II:1 -- Pauline Anne Blyth; Marian Paterson Milne Christie; Elizabeth Barbara Baxter Dingwall-Smith. II:1 -- Natasha Frances Aldrich-Blake; Elizabeth Jessica Bevan; Fiona Christine Brodie; Melanie Jane Carlyle; Adrian Charles Cartwright; Elizabeth Eda Clachan; Jonathan David Crisop; Anna Cummins; Catherine Longmore Gauld; Sarah Louise Geddes; Maria Ginnerup; Jacqueline Anne Higgs; David Scott Hood; Sean Paul Mc Cluskey; Derek John Morrow; Jane Murray; Alison Mary Prosser; Andrew Douglas Smith. Sculpture I -- Kevin David; William Emonds; Helle Hannes; Polly Sarah Heath; Rob Morrison Hunter.

General Mathematics Gary James Millar; Colin Baxter (with Distinction). Optoelectronics and Laser Engineering I -- David Casson Bownass; Liam Alistair Doyle; Innes Reid Grant; Malachy James Mc Connell; Fraser John Mc Kay; Andrew Ritchie Smith; Niall Sinclair Sommerville. II:2 -- David John Ashley; Andrew Balahura; Karen Elizabeth Beveridge; Claire Emma Margaret Brooks; Thomas Dominic Ewing; Joanna Marie Foster; John Paul Greenan; Ewan Gareth John; Sarah Alice Kelman; Andrew Neil Law; Amanda Jane Logan; Cameron Josef Main; Gabriel Schmitz; Steven Richard Simms; Heather Simpson; Angela Marie Steel; Sarah Ann Thompson; Adam Spencer Tinsley. Printmaking II:1 -- Paul Alexander Mac Donald; Kate Alison Mac Kenzie; Gregor Alexander Mc Alpine. II:1 -- Maj-Lena Braun; Daniel Fooks; Tove Hirth; Elizabeth Ann Mc Gee; Kristin Mojsiewicz; Katherine Louise Todd.

General Mathematics with Education Martin Patrick Breslin; Elizabeth Anne Hutchinson. II:1 -- Richard Henry Abram; Christopher John Howle; Paul George Middleton; Jason Lee Pratt; John Victor Sharp; David Williamson. II:2 -- Robert Kenneth Charleston; Shaleph John O'Neill.

Applied Physics with Semiconductor Electronics I -- Kevan Ahmadi; Craig Michael Ciesla. II:2 -- Michael Chisholm; Alastair John Grant; Martin Frederick Charles Pickett; Alison Margaret Ritchie; Nicholas David Shepley; Russell Gilchrist Torrie. Physics I -- Ian Michael Barton; David James Hay; Neil Swanston. II:2 -- Steven Robert Aitken; Euan Ritchie Fletcher; Hilary Lyn Gallagher; Richard John Moffat; Stephen Christopher Paul Patrick; Michael David Spraggon. Degree: Barry Haig; George Lascaridis; Jason Richard Radmore. Tapestry I -- Sara Lindsay Heywood; Susan Caroline Naami Kumi.

II:2 -- Brian Martin Fitzgerald; Paul Christopher Montgomery; Jamie Oliver; Shane Nicholas Ritchie; Richard Norman Scott.


  1. Another such allusion, expressly attributed to James in early Church accounts of the circumstances leading up to his death (to say nothing of ‘Jesus’’), is the proclamation of ‘the coming of the Heavenly Host upon the clouds of Heaven’, which forms the backbone of the two extensive apocalyptic sections of the War Scroll – one in Column XI, significantly, proceeding upon the exposition of ''the Star Prophecy'' in terms of the '''' and partially repeated at the end in Column XVIII.

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  3. An almost Christian image, I thought, almost poetic, Jesus in the hands of Mariah.

  4. I don't want to say, 'No, never.'"Lively, on the other hand, said she'd "of course" take a role on a reboot into consideration."I'm open to anything that's good, that's interesting, and that sort of feels necessary," she said.

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