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Amber is Infeedo’s top product for chatbot automation. She has helped companies engage 20000 employees using Predictive People Analytics via in Feedo.

Nearbuy CEO, Ankur Warikoo and Ambarish Gupta from Knowlarity have trusted Infeedo and Amber.

Chatbot AI is what makes Amber different form other Infeedo products. Varun Puri of Infeedo is a product head for Amber AI chatbot.

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Infeedo, the company of a young 21 year old Tanmaya Jain has closed funding round of $200,000 for expanding business and will close next funding round also. Infeedo provide best HR automation through amber chatbot.

I like the fact that the father son duo – Palash Jain & Tanmaya Jain who is the Founder & CEO of in Feedo have together built this company and raised funding for their startup in Feedo and in Feedo’s product Amber AI assistant.

in Feedo raised funding soon after launching the product Amber AI analytics and in Feedo funding round gave them the required capital to capitalize on their unique market position.

Designed to simulate a Mother chatting with her teenage son from her bed at night via laptop.

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Helping CEOs make the voice of every employee felt heard and valued, using A. The in Feedo team is – Tanmaya Jain, Varun Puri, Chirag Agarwal.

Let’s read how companies use in Feedo and make their employees feel valued using actionable intelligence from Amber.

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