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When she finally lets them out, she is a force to be reckoned with.If you need just one reason to see this show, it’s Theresa’s unleashing of pent up rage.But it’s also about giving ourselves and others second chances.

We are all familiar with some aspect of their nightmares: dying faith in God, rotting belief in anything, suppressed dreams and desires, sharp stings of alienation and separation.

Marion Bridge explores other familiar themes too: alcoholism, teenage pregnancy, strained familial relationships, to name a few.

Just as I was trying to determine—and thought I had decided—who was strongest performer, Andrew Gouthro entered stage left as the fastidious and self-important head waiter, and I had to change my mind again. Colford and Mark Delaney to complete a holy trinity of talent.

Special mention must also go to Chris Corbett whose character’s lack of chutzpah endeared the audience to him throughout. The score exploits Katherine Woodford’s musical range, and gives Stephanie Hennessey the opportunity to showcase her talent as a dancer.

As the play opens, the “wayward sister,” Agnes, tells the audience about a recurring dream: “In the dream I’m drowning. At first I hear water and I imagine it’s going to be a lovely dream.

Even though every time I dream the dream I’m drowning each and every time I dream the dream I forget.

They all give us the opportunity to create a better us. Sure, they’re platforms that are obsessed with looks.

The Highland Arts Theatre’s production is simply splendid.

Onlookers wave back as she slips beneath the waves.


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