Vikki still dating trevor

Joseph’s Cathedral, an event that was treated by the Canadian press like a royal wedding. Five months later, Janet was on the verge of giving birth.

Trevor still needs the occasional lift home from baseball practice. “He’s six-foot-two, and he’s my most diverse kid.” Trevor plays both football and baseball, and Janet just installed a practising space for his jamming sessions.

There’s also Paulina, the more seasoned musician among the children.

Then there’s brother Ty, who, in his mid-teens, got serious about his dad’s sport and enrolled at Shattuck-St.

Mary’s, a Minnesota school known for nurturing promising hockey players such as the Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby.

But he also hints that his wife’s rule over the household is an extremely benevolent dictatorship. She is never-ending with love and affection towards them.” Janet says that Number 99 is the still the man she depends on for the most important assists.

“He treats me like not just a wife but his best friend, so that’s really all I need,” she says. Other than that, I’m just trying to make everybody else happy.” , a critically acclaimed film that grapples with the perils of neglectful parenting.“When kids get to be 17 or 18,” says Janet, “they don’t want a lot of rules.But really, the rules we are trying to instill or enforce with her are just rules to keep her safe.” With an eye towards her burgeoning music career, Paulina just graduated, after being home-schooled with a regimen of dance and singing lessons.That night, however, they went out for dinner with friends, and as Janet says, “We’ve never been apart since.” It was a year of surprise – and celebration – for Wayne and Janet.Four months into her uh-oh pregnancy with Paulina, Janet put on a ,000 gown, glittering with 30,000 hand-sewn beads and crystals, and married Wayne at Edmonton’s St.“He’s soft-spoken and humble,” Janet says, and then adds with a dramatic flourish, “He’s Wayne.” When Coach Gretzky hustles back to L. for weekend visits and his kids’ important games, he leaves his coach whistle at the rink.


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