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Answer: rs=.54 Oliver Scott Curry Readers of this blog will be familiar with the debate between Bill Maher and Reza Aslan about Islam and female genital mutilation (FGM). Nowhere else in the Muslim, Muslim-majority states is female genital mutilation an issue.” Who’s right? We have WHO data on FGM, and Pew data on the prevalence of Islam (and from Wikipedia, Christianity), in 28 African countries (and Yemen as well).

Maher has argued that FGM is an Islamic problem, pointing out that: “91 percent of Egyptian women have had their clitorises forcibly removed. You can’t tell on the basis of these cherry-picked examples, as you have to look at all of the data. These data [JAC: presented as a plot below] clearly show that there is a large significant positive correlation between the percentage of women subject to FGM, and the prevalence of Islam.

This is a consequence of assimilation to the dominant Muslim society.

When the UNICEF published its general figures about Egypt as a whole, it made use of the Egyptian state Demographic and Health Surveys of the years 1995, 2000, 2003, 20; however, when separating figures by religion, it used only the latest DHS 2008. We do not know how many Copts were represented in that sample, and so there are criticisms about its accuracy when it comes to the Copts.

La réalité du terrain (les hadiths qui, aussi « faibles » sont-ils censés être, gouvernent probablement en fait la pratique de la majorité ) ? Mis à part quelque obscur professeur d’anthropologie évolutionniste d’Oxford …

Qu’il pourrait bien y avoir, via le problème de l’alphabétisation des femmes, une surpratique de l’excision dans les pays à dominante musulmane ?

A l’heure où rivalisant dans la cécité volontaire entre deux attentats ou actes de barbarie, nos belles âmes et nos beaux esprits nous répètent que l’islam n’a rien à voir avec l’évidente brutalisation qui s’étend progressivement à l’ensemble de la planète …

Et où se confirment les soupçons de financement des attentats du 11/9 par le même Etat qui depuis une cinquantaine d’années inocule le monde avec son idéologie mortifère …

The statistically significant positive relationship between Islam and FGM is given in his title.

******* Question: What’s the relationship between Islam and Female Genital Mutilation?

The first thing to note is that the prevalence of FGM in the Copts is lower than that in Muslim Egyptian society but, nevertheless, it’s still high: 92% in Muslims and 74% in Copts, a difference of 18%.

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