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At the time, he found out he would also get a dacha, a traditional Russian cottage, in the mountains.Poluboyarenko said that local officials and businessmen were eager to prove that "Russia is not pathetic, not filled with drunks, and that we have decent living conditions." The shelves in the pantry are stocked with canned fruits, milk, vegetables, sacks of potatoes and flour, and even "salo," or cured fatback, a Slavic delicacy.Poluboyarenko said local farmers donated much of it.

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Martens has no plans to reject his German citizenship, explaining that the family had many relatives, including grandmothers, in Germany. "Life generally is a struggle, and I hold no illusions.

"I don't plan to burn all bridges." But he said that if push came to shove, he would opt for Russian citizenship.

Vladimir Poluboyarenko tracked down the Martenses via social media soon after reading about the family's trying times in Siberia and their return to Germany.

He said the house was built for his family, but had been empty for five years after the kids grew up and moved away.

"We are going to try very hard to contribute to the town, and also educate our kids so that they contribute too. After that, we'll start working." Martens is a carpenter by trade, and built furniture in Germany.

However, he and his family have also tried raising livestock and farming.

Kuvaldina said that the Martenses, traveling to the region with nothing, were a special case.

"It is always harder for those who traveled, especially from a different country," she said.

"I live with my wife and daughter in a smaller house on a neighboring plot," Poluboyarenko was quoted as saying by RFE/RL's Russian Service. I transferred it to the Stavropol regional government exclusively for social purposes, for helping refugees arriving in the region.


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