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One of my favorite sex-positive business women, Cindy Gallop, founder of Make Love Not Porn (NSFW), talks all the time about how so many of our society’s issues — especially around rape, sexual assault, bad sex, and rape culture — can be blamed on the fact that we just don’t talk about sex. Victim-blaming, slut-shaming, and rape culture in general all grow out of the fact that we carry so much shame about sex. Sometimes it can be hard to find intimacy with your friends as an adult, partly because there aren’t as many things to bond over as there were when we were younger.Talking openly and freely about sex and sexuality is the best way that I’ve found to fight that and talking with your friends is a great place to start. Dishing about your sex life with your friends really can be as fun as it looked on Sex in the City. But sex is something that most adults do and talking about it is an excellent way to bond.

The bad news is that people don’t necessarily have Although most parents and young people said they didn’t feel embarrassed to talk about sex, nor felt they needed to rely on schools to do it, sometimes parents weren’t very clear about their stance on virginity.

For instance, 61% of parents want young people to wait to have sex until they can handle the responsibility (45% advocated waiting for marriage), but only 52% of parents talked to their kids about sexual values, regardless of their beliefs.

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Adolescence is an entirely new beast in the era of high-speed Internet and smartphones.

Even if you’re not feeling great about your body, your friends will totally boost you up — because they’re awesome and they’re your friends!

Chat Counselor Matching Take a questionnaire and be matched with a therapist specific to your needs.Instead of feeling lonely in your experience, it’s awesome to share it and realize that, a) you’re totally normal and, b) your friends are going through the same things you are.However, sometimes stuff is going on in our genitals or our sex lives that we don’t even realize is wrong, mainly because we’re not taught very well about everything from STIs to consent.Here are seven reasons to consider talking about sex with your friends more.I think one of the biggest questions people have about their sexuality is whether or not they’re “normal.” Well, one thing you find out really quickly when you start talking to your friends about sex is that a lot of you are doing the same things, have the same hangups, and are facing the same sexual problems as each other.Or that a bruised cervix is a sex injury that a lot of you have experienced.


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