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But a contemporary reported that Zheng He “walked like a tiger” and did not shrink from violence when he considered it necessary to impress foreign peoples with China’s military might.

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Zheng He was placed as the admiral in control of the huge fleet and armed forces that undertook these expeditions.

Zheng He’s first voyage consisted of a fleet of around 300 ships[7][8] (other sources say 200)[9] holding almost 28,000 crewmen.

In 1381, following the defeat of the Northern Yuan, a Ming army was dispatched to Yunnan to put down the Mongol rebel Basalawarmi.

Ma Sanbao, then only eleven years old, was captured and made a eunuch.

Zheng He’s fleets visited Arabia, East Africa, India, Indonesia and Thailand (at the time called Siam), dispensing and receiving goods along the way.[8] Zheng He presented gifts of gold, silver, porcelain and silk;in return, China received such novelties as ostriches, zebras, camels, ivory and giraffes.

Zheng He generally sought to attain his goals through diplomacy, and his large army awed most would-be enemies into submission.He studied at Nanjing Taixue (the Imperial Central College) and travelled to Mecca.Although his precise religious views were not recorded, Zheng He has been portrayed by subsequent generations as either an orthodox Muslim who helped spread his faith into southeast Asia, or as a possible syncretist.He also intervened in a civil disturbance in order to establish his authority in Ceylon, and he made displays of military force when local officials threatened his fleet in Arabia and East Africa.From his fourth voyage, he brought envoys from thirty states who traveled to China and paid their respects at the Ming court. His successor, the Hongxi Emperor (reigned 1424–1425), decided to curb the influence at court.He was sent to the Imperial court, where he eventually became a trusted adviser of the Yongle Emperor, assisting him in deposing his predecessor, the Jianwen Emperor.


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