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This is why more and more webcam sex consumers are migrating towards crowd sourced webcam shows.

This means that you walk into a service that has an instant base of well qualified prospects to earn money from.

Given the current economic reality, consumers of adult entertainment products are seeking to get maximum value for their money.

These fees ranged anywhere from $1 per minute to as much as $7.99 per minute - if not more. These days, few consumers are willing to pay that much money for a private cam show.

And with fewer customers, you end up spending hours on end in free chat with little to show for it.

Sooner or later, someone who knows you may discover what you do for a living, whether it's friends or family. Volume matters, and this is where Chaturbate really shines.

It's a site that has grown into one of the most popular webcam sex sites on the Internet.

You could even link to a twitter account and build up a valuable following.

If you play your cards right with this feature, you can make tons of extra money promoting affiliate products and adult dating sites from your own blog. There's not better feeling than showing up in your chat room and having hundreds of your fans come online almost instantly.

That's why the site provides you with so many avenues to earn extra income.

One of my favorite features is the ability to sell both videos and picture sets from your profile page.

Just remember to keep the pictures erotic and non nude.

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