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Kal Penn “secretly married” rumors have caused quite a stir among fans. That remains a mystery for now, as the actor’s rep hasn’t commented, nor the couple released an official statement yet. Californians voted yes on Proposition 64, legalizing recreational marijuana throughout the state on Tuesday, November 8, and celebrities were quick to react to the news on social media.

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With no job and no love, Charlie is forced to go on a journey of self-discovery so intense that he begins to suffer from surreal hallucinations, flashbacks, and sex fantasies. " Or did that ship already sail, taking with it his only hopes for relationship sanity?

The paper says the actor has been spotted wearing a new wedding ring earlier this week.

It was done in reaction to Donald Trump’s response to the horrifying, violent white supremacist marches that recently took place in Charlottesville.

In the discussion, Penn also managed to recycle a 30-year-old insult against the president to express his thoughts.

Oprah Winfrey and her longtime “boyfriend” Stedman Graham were for many years also members of Trinity United Church of Christ, and you can read whatever you may like into that.

In Chicago’s Boystown gay community, older guys who frequented the little dive bars that have been around forever told tales back in the 2008 primaries about Barack Obama slipping out whenever he was in Chicago for romps at the local bathhouse “Man’s Country”.

“We are very excited that citizens of California voted to end the failed policy of marijuana prohibition,” Nate Bradley, executive director of the California Cannabis Industry Association, told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday, November 9.

“Proposition 64 will allow California to take its rightful place as the center of cannabis innovation, research and development.” The new law allows any Californian who is 21 or older to possess, transport, buy and use up to 1 ounce of cannabis for recreational purposes.

“This is very much a cultural issue,” Penn said on the Tuesday, August 22, show.

“I think the response to Charlottesville — his response — was the worst of who we are.

is an NYC dating comedy that follows one man's hallucination-fueled post-breakup quest to find new love... When Charlie Carroll quits his job and his girlfriend on the same day, it seems as though he's finally found freedom.

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