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Cleander, who commanded the Praetorian Guards, ordered a body of cavalry to sally forth and disperse the seditious multitude.

The multitude fled with precipitation towards the city; several were slain, and many more were trampled to death; but when the cavalry entered the streets their pursuit was checked by a shower of stones and darts from the roofs and windows of the houses.

It also may be used as an adjective (ochlocratic or ochlocratical).

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Ochlocracy is synonymous in meaning and usage to the modern, informal term "mobocracy", which arose in the 18th century as a colloquial neologism.

Ochlocracy, or mob rule, is often incorrectly equated with tyranny of the majority; however, ochlocracy involves illegal action and does not necessitate a majority and is usually consisted of a minority.

It’s my conviction that the language of medicine must change.

To make medical terminology more accessible, the field of medicine must reconcile its contrasts: it is forward-facing, yet rooted in tradition; patient-centered, yet varnished in tough-to-crack parlance; public-serving, yet enshrouded in terminology that might as well be magic spells.

But as a patient, I have trouble reconciling it with the fact that, for twenty-one years, those nine different ancient roots precluded my understanding of my own illness. For any positive health outcome to occur, I, the patient, must be involved in my own care.

If I don’t understand my condition, or the importance of my medication, or the treatments I can choose from, how could anyone expect me to get better?

He uses it to name the "pathological" version of popular rule—in opposition to the good version, which he refers to as democracy.

There are numerous mentions of the word "ochlos" in the Talmud (where "ochlos" refers to anything from "mob", "populace", to "armed guard"), as well as in Rashi, a Jewish commentary on the Bible.

The footguards, who had long been jealous of the prerogatives and insolence of the Praetorian cavalry, embraced the party of the people.


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